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About eastconsult Co., Ltd.

eastconsult LLC was established in 2007 in Moscow. Today eastconsult® is probably the only consulting company in Russia whose services cover all needs arising in connection with an industrial investment in Russia from conception through to operation: including project due diligence and planning, search for a suitable land plot and registration of legal entities, to design, engineering, permitting and procurement support, construction supervision, building inspection to start-up and optimization of organizational and production processes. Also our outsourcing solutions for management, accounting, human resources, import/export, legal and tax aspects and sales of used machinery and spare parts facilitate business start-up and operations in Russia.

Our international team of more than 80 specialists provide services to our customers in Russia, CIS and Europe from our offices in Moscow, Egorievsk, Vladimir, Simferopol, Bad Ischl (Austria) and Bangkok (Thailand). For best results, when working on large projects, we organize site offices directly on the construction site.

Website www.eastconsult.eu