Ventury Co., Ltd.

Ventury Co., Ltd.

บริษัท เวนจูรี่ จำกัด


Ventury is an Engineering and Contracting Company with expertise for projects in Industrial fields.

These are part of the services we are offering:

  • Accurate site survey
  • Quick first layout & budget price
  • Architectural & structural design
  • Construction
  • Detailed technical & financial proposal
  • Implementation of all M&E facilities: electricity, air treatment, compressed air, steam, gas, vacuum, air conditioning, RO/DI water, cooling/heating process, machine connection, …
  • Start-up, commissioning and staff training.

As far as Air Conditioning and Industrial Air Treatment are concerned, we have a complete range of Climate Control equipment to match required indoor conditions in Industrial Environment such as Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dust Content, Pressure Control, Oil Mist Level, Cleanliness, Noise Level, …

Among our references are Turnkey Plants for various sectors, Clean Rooms for Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food and Electronic Industries, Humidification Plant (Air Washer) for Textile Mills, Oil Mist Collection with Electrostatic Cleaner for CNC production, Chiller Plant, Acoustical Enclosure, tailor-made Air Handling Unit (AHU), Evaporative Cooling, Ventilation System, Compact Dust Collectors, Dehumidifier, Heat Recovery System, … in numerous countries such as Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, China, …